This company will turn your pet into a Pokémon card

This company will turn your pet into a Pokémon card

Whether you're a 90s kid or a 00s kid, I can almost guarantee that a huge part of your childhood was Pokémon cards. I can literally remember the moment my older brother handed me three cards he didn't want, for them to become my very first cards. I can remember my first trade, I can remember the time my mum put all my holos through the washing machine, and I can remember

Even to this day, if I see an upside down Pokémon card on the ground I get stupidly excited at the possibility of picking it up and finding an original shiny Charizard.

And although 99% of us never knew how to actually play the trading card game, the fun was in the collecting - assembling an enviable deck and having all the beauty pristine cards in our collection.

And like many Pokémon fans, I would often look at my two dogs and think, "If only you could learn cool moves and could be crammed into a tiny ball". And because our beautiful pets are the closest thing we're ever going to get to owning real Pokémon, why not immortalize them forever with their very own Pokémon cards!

Well, thanks for a company called WildpetsCreations, you can! This company runs an Etsy page that allows customers to send in a few pictures of their beloved pets, along with a short description, and from this, the talented bunch creates a stunning Generation 1-style Pokémon trading card for you to add to your collection!

Imagine being in the midst of an intense trading card battle, only to see your best friend's Alakazam taken down by your precious pooch Truffles!

Customers can choose the following info to have their cards fully customised:

- Name of the Pokémon
- Pokémon type
- HP
- Length and Weight
- Pokémon species
- Customize the attacks: name, description, damage, and cost
- Edit weakness and resistance elements and their value, and the retreat cost
- A short sentence bio
- Pokédex number and rarity

And even if you don't ever intend on using the card for the battle game, it's still a wonderfully nostalgic gift for any Pokémon fan/pet lover!

One very happy reviewer writes:

"This was, by far, the best purchase I've made on Etsy. Stephanie is so helpful and accommodating to her customers. I placed my order last minute for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend (who LOVED the gift) and she made sure it arrived on time. Such a great way to immortalize your fur babies. I will definitely be ordering from her again. Thank you!"

And in case you needed any more reassurance to have your pet transformed into their Pokémon counterpart, the Etsy store has also received an impressive 5/5 stars from customers!