You can now buy 'Dogritos' for your dog

You can now buy 'Dogritos' for your dog

B&M has released a brand new range of 'doggy crispies toys' as part of their Pet Event, - including the Doritos-inspired 'Dogritos' - which play on well-known crisps brands.

Despite what their appearance might have you to believe, they're not edible snacks - they're toys made of durable canvas, designed purely for your pooch to chew on.

"Give your pup something fun & durable to play with," the description for toy reads. "This Doggy Crispies Toy is perfect for your dog to chew on, with a durable texture to keep them entertained!"

"Jealous of watching your human chow down on a tasty bag of Doritos – then this is the pack for you. The perfect snack without the calories – the crinkle paper inside makes the same crunch sound as a real pack of crisps."

The 'Dogritos' design will clearly be the moneymaker, but the other crisp brand designs for the toy include: Ruffus, Mutzz, Lazy, and Kennel.

doggy crisps Credit: B&M

And that certainly isn't it as far as B&M's doggy deals go:

Scooby Snacks Doggy Chocolate (69p each)

Description: What are Scooby Doo's favourite treats? Scooby Snacks of course! And now your very own pooch can enjoy these tasty dog treats too! Dog safe - vitamin-enriched and free from cocoa.

Scooby Snacks Hot Dogs (£1.49)

Description: These authentic Chicago style hot dogs are made with real chicken and bacon so will be sure to get tails wagging.

Garfield Kittibix (79p)

Description: Just like your humans Weetabix but for kitties! These tasty treats are packed with a whole host of vitamins for great digestion, as well as calming Cat Nip for a relaxing breakfast time.

If you're interested in getting your hands on the Dogritos - or the other toy 'crisps' - you'll be pleased to know they're currently on offer for just £1.99.