You can now buy matching party dresses for you and your dog

You can now buy matching party dresses for you and your dog

As strange a phenomenon as it is, there are some people who bear a striking resemblance to their dogs. But if you happen to look nothing like your pooch, fret not because you can always buy matching outfits.

Indeed, this Christmas, an online clothing store is offering a seasonal party dress that both owners and their dogs can wear.

A family was reunited with their stolen dog after eight months when its new owner walked him past their house:

The British retailer Pink Boutique is selling a miniature dog version of its pink and sparkly 'Heart Broken' dress, just in time for the festive season.

Credit: Pink Boutique

The limited-edition item is only suitable for very small dogs - for instance, Chihuahuas and Pomeranians. If you're interested in the piece, it will set you back just £19.

Many pet owners were thrilled by the prospect of getting their hands on a matching dog and owner outfit, taking to social media to share their praise.

Credit: Pink Boutique

One person said that the item was "exactly what she'd been waiting for."

"I mean can we just dress our dogs as girlies for a day?" another wrote.

"Omg this dress and the shoes are just amazing," said a different user.

"Cute pupper outfits for the best dressed dog in town!" another gushed while someone else excitedly commented, "A pooch range? I've been waiting for one".

Meet the dedicated dog owner who refuses to give up his pet after it nearly killed him: 

Alice Rowen Hall, Creative Director at Pink Boutique, said this, as reported by MailOnline: "Twinning with your pooch is more popular than ever, but we noticed what was missing was a party outfit. With the Christmas party season about to come into full swing, what could be more adorable than matching with your four-legged friend?"

She continues: "We developed this to bring extra sparkle and fun to the festive period and who says your dog friends can't be glam this Christmas? We know our customers love their dogs and we are dog owners too at Pink Boutique so we created this is as an exclusive and limited-edition product so you can be matchy with your fur baby at a festive event and rock your fav Pink Boutique dress too (very extra!)"