You can now get a teddy bear that looks exactly like your dog or cat

You can now get a teddy bear that looks exactly like your dog or cat

You know, there are a lot of similarities between our pets and stuffed toys. Both are fluffy, cuddly, and oh-so-cute, and we become incredibly attached to them.

A toy is a perfect companion for a small child, who hasn't yet developed the sense of responsibility necessary to care for a real living and breathing creature, but as adults, we tend to want the real thing. However, now there's a compromise available.

A company has come up with a brilliant product that will allow pet owners the opportunity to replicate their pets in stuffed animal form.

No, I'm not talking about through taxidermy! I'm talking about a teddy-bear-building workshop that specializes in pet-themed facsimiles. Yes, there's now a bespoke service out there that can create cuddly replicas of your animal pal for a small fee.

All you have to do is shoot on over to the official website of Cuddle Clones, and then upload as many pics of your pet as you can. Then you'll need to submit a few distinguishing features, choose the positioning of the tail and ears, and any other details you might think are necessary.

The team will require between 4-8 weeks for your pet's teddy to be created, but as you can see from the results, they are not only utterly adorable but also wonderfully accurate. The perfect way to treasure your pet forever.

The product's item description states: "The purr-fect gift for ANY pet lover!! Handcrafted from the highest quality faux fur, our custom plush Cuddle Clones capture all of the physical details and unique features of your pet! And, we aren’t talking just dogs and cats – we’ll clone ANY of your beloved animals."

There's just one drawback: Cuddles Clones don't come cheap. One of these babies will set you back a whopping $249.00 each. Man, that's almost as much as a real pet. However, they are undeniably cute. Just make sure your dog or cat doesn't get too jealous!