Giant jellyfish as big as diver appears off the English coast

Giant jellyfish as big as diver appears off the English coast

A giant jellyfish has been spotted off the coast of Cornwall, England.

Per The Independent, biologist and wildlife presenter, Lizzie Daly, came across the the gigantic barrel jellyfish while diving near Falmouth on Saturday. She said that the creature was as big as her body, and that it was the largest of its kind that she had ever seen.

Taking to Twitter after the incident, Lizzie wrote "Woah!!!!! We went diving in Falmouth yesterday to finish off #WildOceanWeek and came across this GIANT barrel jellyfish! What a way to finish off this marine wildlife adventure!"

Lizzie was diving as part of her Wild Ocean Week campaign, which aims to champion our oceans, while raising funds for the Marine Conservation Society.

"I want to bring the audience on the journey with me so I will be uploading videos and updates live as it happens throughout the week," the biologist said in a statement about her journey.

"Diving with seals, swimming with blue sharks and generally celebrating our coasts #WildOceanWeek is about showcasing how you can immerse yourself with diverse wildlife right on your doorstep and most importantly, supporting those on the forefront of conserving our marine environments."

lizzie daly Credit: Twitter / LizzieRDaly

Lizzie's campaign began on the 7th of July, and involved diving with seals, snorkelling with blue sharks, and swimming amongst jellyfishes.

The adventure ended yesterday, when she captured the incredible footage of the giant jellyfish.