Heart-pounding moment housecat fights off three coyotes single-handedly

Heart-pounding moment housecat fights off three coyotes single-handedly

Domestic house cats may appear sweet and docile, but don't forget that they are relatives to wild beasts like lions, tigers, and pumas, and still carry the same predatory instincts - as this story proves.

Meet Max, a black-and-white house cat from California, who recently had a heart-pounding encounter with three wild coyotes. But instead of falling victim to the much larger coyotes, the outnumbered housecat held his own and managed to fight off the vicious creatures. And, amazingly, the entire scene was captured on the family's security camera last Wednesday evening.

Check out the incredible moment below and hear what Max's owners had to say about their brave kitty:

Speaking to WBRC, Max's owner, Maya Gurrin of Highland Park, Los Angeles, said: "My husband and I were watching a movie right here, and all of a sudden we see this kind of shadow of a tail. We walk outside and all of a sudden we see just three coyotes completely surrounding him."

A panicked Maya lunged at the intruders, successfully scaring them away. But the real surprise came when the family later inspected their security footage to investigate the situation.

Maya told local news station KTLA that following the dramatic encounter, Max came strolling into the house "as if nothing happened".

Cats have hilarious reactions to their owners using feline filters:

"We really couldn't believe it," Gurrin added, "we're still shocked."

Gurrin also revealed that she knows that the encounter could have ended in tragedy, and as a result, Max is now living as an indoor cat -  although, she is considering building a "catio" so he can still be outdoors and protected from any other uninvited coyotes.

But Max's reputation has preceded him, and the Gurrin's neighbors have started calling him "jungle cat". Well, done Max, you're a brave boy!