Man finds dead cockroaches in his PS4 and apparently it's a common problem

Man finds dead cockroaches in his PS4 and apparently it's a common problem

A man who found dead cockroaches in his Ps4 posted pictures of it to social media, and it turns out that it's a common problem.

Vito Gesualdi, a California-based YouTuber, posted pictures of his open console, which, if, we are perfectly honest, are enough to put us off gaming for life - no matter what Rockstar come up with to tempt us.

According to the UK gaming website Kotaku, cockroaches love games consoles because they provide them with dark, enclosed spaces.

A cockroach infested PS4. Credit: VitoGesualdi

Recounting the moment she discovered how common a problem it was, Cecilia D'Anastasio wrote that Patrick Che, the co-founder of an independent repair store in Manhattan, has been so inundated with consoles affected by the problem that his store, XCubicle, now charges a $25 "roach fee".

This problem was also echoed by Steve Porter, the owner of TronicsFix, an electronics repair store near Portland, Oregon. He said that around 40% of the consoles brought to him for repair are infested with cockroaches.

The video below goes into horrifying detail about why PS4s are so attractive to cockroaches: 

However, while the problem is shocking in and of itself, to make matters worse, Sony will not repair consoles infested by cockroaches as a matter of course - even if they are under warranty.

Thankfully, a limited number of repair stores are willing to deal with the surprisingly common problem.

Recounting his own problem on Twitter, Vito wrote: "Decided to try cleaning all the dead roaches out of my PS4. Sony, please design smaller vent holes next time."

A tweet about cockroaches in a PS4. Credit: Twitter / @VitoGesualdi

However, as any repair shop will attest to, this isn't necessarily an easy problem for Sony to fix. Without suitably sized ventilation holes, their devices are at risk of overheating.

So I guess all you gamers can do is find a repair shop that caters to the problem, or, y'know, simply get rid of your roach-infested entertainment boxes!