Man released mice into hotel rooms in order to get the stay for free

Man released mice into hotel rooms in order to get the stay for free

A man has been accused of releasing mice and hamsters into hotel rooms in order to get the stay for free.

Now, we've all been there. We have forked out a significant amount of cash to stay in a hotel only to discover less than savory conditions. It's a difficult situation to be in, and the majority of hotels are only too happy to compensate their unhappy customers - something this man allegedly took advantage of.

As per KUTV, 37-year-old Ryan State would check into various hotels before releasing rodents in his room so that he could complain about the quality of service and receive a free stay as compensation.

Credit: Salt Lake County Sheriff

One of these hotels was the Hyatt House in Salt Lake City. The hotel's general manager, Sean Medina, revealed that State received compensation for the two nights he had spent there after he had complained about finding two mice in his room.

As per 2News, Medina said: "[State] also scammed our hotel, Hyatt House Salt Lake City/Downtown out of two nights by releasing two mice."

Medina was the person who reported the alleged scam to authorities.

A subsequent investigation revealed that State had carried out the scam at least two other hotels where he received full compensation for his stay, but police say this has "likely occurred at many more hotels".

A mouse. Credit: Pixabay

While complaining, State would refer hotel staff to the animals' feces, according to a statement. Pest control would then be called by the hotels, and he would receive his stay for free.

State is also accused of causing damages in the rooms he stayed in.

A mouse. Credit: Pixabay

Per KUTV, the scam cost the hotels more than just the swindled price of State's room because of the cost of pest control.

The 37-year-old is now facing five class B misdemeanor charges, three counts of criminal mischief, and two charges of theft by deception.