Disabled man risks his life to save kitten stuck in drain

Disabled man risks his life to save kitten stuck in drain

Cats, especially kittens, have a reputation for getting into trouble, and this often has horrendous consequences - both for them and us humans. For example, take the woman who was bitten by a stray kitten and was then hit with a $48K hospital bill!

But for one mischievous kitten in Malaysia, after it found itself trapped in a drain - with no possibility of escape - one human wasn't about to give up on it, despite the odds being stacked against both of them.

After seeing the young kitten in plight, the heroic Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid, 36, decided he couldn't just leave the feline stranded to die, the New York Post reports.

Abu and a friend were passing as they made their way to the nearby Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex where they train - this is when he noticed the struggling cat in a drain.

This is the heart-warming moment Abu reached into the drain, putting his own life in danger, to pull the kitten to safety: 

However, Abu was not in an easy position to personally save the kitten from the weather drain, being disabled and unable to use his legs, but this did not deter him from climbing out of his wheelchair. After doing so, Abu was able to use his hands to maneuver his way over to the stricken animal.

To put how brave an act this is into context, one slip up could have caused Abu to fall into the drain himself - which was a possibility, considering how steep the banks were.

A disabled man who has climbed out of his wheelchair. Credit: Newsflare

After the incident, the 36-year-old explained that he chose to save the kitten because the friend he was with relies on prosthetic legs, which would have been even more dangerous to attempt to cross the nearby grassy terrain with.

He explained that while it was difficult to get over the grass which wasn't level, he was delighted to have saved the kitten. Once the kitten was free from the drain, Abu moved it to safer terrain, where it happily left him and went about its business.

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The 36-year-old then added that he hopes the animal, which was wet from the drain, is more careful about where it goes in the future!