Meet Bowie, the coolest rescue cat on Instagram

Meet Bowie, the coolest rescue cat on Instagram

Instagram has a new feline superstar, Bowie.

Bowie is an adorable cat who, just like her famous rockstar namesake, has two different colored eyes.

The unusual rescue cat found himself on the path to a new and better life back in 2018 when he was rescued and taken in by a vet in Spain. There, the white and brown tabby met his future mom, Maria Lloret.

Needless to say, when she saw the then kitten's multicolored eyes, she knew that there was only one appropriate name for him: Bowie.

Watch Bowie enjoy half-asleep snuggles: 

But contrary to the popular rumor about the rockstar, David Bowie's eyes weren't actually different colors. He had a condition known as nisocoria, which causes the permanent dilation of a pupil. He developed it in school after getting into a fight with his friend George Underwood about a girl.

Another rescue cat that recently made the headlines is Bazooka. He is so heavy that it required two volunteers to carry him into a shelter: 

Meanwhile, the condition which causes a person to have two different colored eyes is known as heterochromia, which is what Bowie the cat has.

Bowie's owner has described the cat as "sweet and sassy at the same time". He loves to play, and when he's not having fun with Maria, he's busy posing for his 33K Instagram followers.

The unusual-looking cat currently lives in Alicante, Spain, with his human and the pair frequently go on adventures together, which Maria documents on social media.

Bowie even had a go at the Dolly Parton Challenge:

Maria is a big advocate of adopting pets instead of buying them, and hopefully, by documenting Bowie's incredible personality (and look) on social media, she will encourage others to give unwanted animals the forever homes they deserve.

If you'd like to keep up to date with Maria and Bowie's adventures, you can follow them on Instagram.