Police officer attacked by mountain lion before it is shot dead

Police officer attacked by mountain lion before it is shot dead

A police officer was attacked by a mountain lion in Colorado before it was shot dead.

In shocking footage of the incident, the officer can be seen fighting off the wild animal with her bare hands. The incident took place on Wednesday, March 11, when officers were called to a trailer after a wild animal was reportedly underneath it in Loveland.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they were met by rangers from Larimer County Natural Resources and game wardens from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It was at this point that the wild lion attacked the unnamed female officer.

Prior to the police arriving, the lion had attacked a member of the public.

Watch the attack below: 

After attacking the officer, the lion was shot dead. As per a report from Larimer County Sheriff's Office, the incident took place around 1:55 pm.

Gregory Scott Paul, a resident at the RV park, said that he was alerted to the incident when he heard the police sirens. When he came out of his home, he saw the officer being attacked by the lion.

In an interview with The Coloradoan, he said: "It started creeping towards them a little bit and they took three or four shots at it. It lunged at the lady deputy from about 10 feet away.

"She put her arm up and it got her on the right shoulder. Luckily she did that cause if not it probably would have gotten her right on the neck."

This mountain lion broke into a woman's backyard and killed her dog: 

The police statement reads: "Deputies arrived, saw the mountain lion, and tried to keep it contained.

"The mountain lion moved to the east into a trailer park as deputies followed in efforts to keep those residents safe. The mountain lion attacked a deputy and multiple shots were fired at the animal.

"The mountain lion continued moving east across the river and to a home on Black Crow Road near Highway 34. A CPW game warden shot and killed the animal near the home.

"The injured citizen and deputy were both transported by ambulance to local hospitals with apparent but non-life-threatening injuries inflicted by the animal."

An update on the sheriff's condition was posted to Facebook on Thursday, per the Coloradoan. Sheriff Justin Smith wrote: "When I visited my deputy at the hospital yesterday she was in great spirits, despite a significant bite to her shoulder. She is one tough cookie.''