'Poodle cats' are the unlikely pets you never knew you needed in your life

'Poodle cats' are the unlikely pets you never knew you needed in your life

Cats are remarkable pets. Sure, they're not as loyal or fun-loving or caring or receptive or cute as dogs, but they don't half make for entertaining YouTube videos.

Most people can usually be categorized as either a 'dog person' or a 'cat person' (I'm obviously the former) - but even pooch lovers won't be able to say no to these curly-haired kitties.

Need any more evidence that cats make wonderful pets? Check out their hilarious reactions to these feline filters:

Introducing the Selkirk Rex - or 'poodle cats' - hands down the most adorable breed of cat currently walking the planet.

Per Purina, these kitties are not only independent, curious, and playful pets, but their unique frizzy fur makes them stand out from the litter and has made them increasingly popular among pet owners.

The Selkirk Rex breed got its name from the Selkirk Mountains in Wyoming, where the first was born to a litter at an animal shelter back in 1987. This particular kitten had a strikingly unusual curly coat caused by a gene mutation. After further testing with an experimental breeding program, the mutation was found to be a dominant trait, meaning it could be passed down through generations.

Since then, the Selkirk Rex cat has become very popular in the USA and Canada where its striking, thick, curly coat has earned it the nickname 'sheep cat' or 'poodle cat'.

Per VetStreet.com, the breed can be born with either a shorthaired or longhaired coat, weigh an average of 16lbs, and can live on average for 13 years.

Purina recommends that the coat of the longhaired Selkirk cat receives daily attention and gentle grooming - suggesting owners use a wide tooth comb to rid the kitty of any tangles and knots. They also state that the shorthaired variety will require less grooming, but over-grooming in both cases will result in the curls becoming less prominent.

The breed is suitable for any family out there - as long as they're willing to love and care for them, and provide them with all the grooming these cute cat deserve.