Proud meerkat mom smiles and poses with first newborns to be born at zoo in 72 years

Proud meerkat mom smiles and poses with first newborns to be born at zoo in 72 years

A proud meerkat mom has been pictured smiling and posing with the first newborn meerkats at Zoo Miami in 72 years.

The incredible picture was posted to Facebook by the zoo on February 4, although the cubs themselves were born on January 18. The two cubs were birthed by eight-year-old Yam Yam, whose face really is the ultimate depiction of motherly pride.

This is an historic moment for the zoo, which is the oldest in Florida and the fifth-largest in the US.

Yam Yam shares her home with three male meerkats and it's not known which one is the father. The zoo is taking a hands-off approach to the new arrivals and is letting the four adults raise them how they see fit.

However, while the babies are young, they will be kept at a distance from visitors to the zoo which is "creating barriers" so they don't get stressed out.

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In an interview with CBS Miami, the zoo said: "Zoo staff had a hands-off approach to allow the group to properly bond with the infants and created barriers in front of the public side of the exhibit to minimize any disturbances that may cause excess stress on the new family and lead to abandonment of the babies."

In the same interview, the zoo said that the three unrelated male meerkats have been working together alongside Yam Yam to raise the pups.

Meerkats are omnivores who originate from South Africa, per CBS Miami, and needless to say, the animals were catapulted to worldwide fame thanks to Disney's The Lion King and Timon.

They're known for standing on their hind legs to spot danger, and as any Lion King fan will attest, enjoy feasting on a variety of insects as well as lizards, small mammals, eggs and fruits.

And if this wasn't enough baby meerkat content for you, don't worry, you can keep up to date with the cubs thanks to the zoo's live stream.

Congratulations, Yam Yam and Zoo Miami!