Raccoon passes out after drinking too much wine at Christmas market

Raccoon passes out after drinking too much wine at Christmas market

In a painfully relatable story (don't ask...), a raccoon has become a social media sensation for passing out drunk at a Christmas market.

The incident took place in Germany - a country famed for its extensive and festive Christmas markets, brimming with treats. According to authorities, the animal acquired leftover alcohol at the Erfurt market.

German broadcaster DW News reported that the animal was "obviously intoxicated," but confirmed that a "breathalyzer test on the animal was not carried out."

Photographs taken of the raccoon show it in various stages of intoxication as it stumbles around the area. But contrary to what initial reports suggested, the animal was not rescued by a shelter but instead handed over to a local hunter.

No prizes for guessing where this is going.

Animal rescue SWE Tierheim Erfurt tweeted: "Unfortunately, the story of the drunken raccoon did not have a happy ending.

"The city hunter took him away and shot him dead."

A Christmas market. Credit: Pexels

Spiegel Online reports that raccoons are not protected animals in Germany and therefore it is legal to hunt and kill them.

It is not known how the raccoon came to be in the Christmas market.

One Twitter user even used the incident as inspiration for rewriting Live Aid's classic Do They Know It's Christmas?

This is not the first time that an animal has been drunk at a Christmas market. As per the Independent, two drunk hedgehogs were collected near Erfurt's cathedral.

Thankfully, their story has a happier ending. It is believed that they became intoxicated after consuming leftover eggnog and were taken to the local zoo for treatment.

Meanwhile, in other alcohol-related news, a drunk human made a much bigger spectacle of himself when he tried to have intercourse with a pile of leaves and two drunk men were arrested after taking turns shooting each other while wearing a bulletproof vest.

Drink responsibly over the festive period, guys!