Starbuck's new animal summer range is the cutest thing to ever happen to coffee

Starbuck's new animal summer range is the cutest thing to ever happen to coffee

Millennials love taking pictures of their coffee. Whether it is a perfect latte flower or a fun green-colored matcha drink, you can always spot them at rocking up to Starbucks to get their picture-perfect morning caffeine. Now, there's more reason than ever to Instagram away, as Starbucks just released a new line of reusable mugs, cups and tumblers. These drinking accessories make sipping coffee easy and stylish, whether you do it at home or bring it with you on-the-go.

This newly released summer merchandise includes cups decorated, and shaped like, a range of animals. And they're absolutely adorable. There are several alpaca-themed items, which seem to be the most popular. But Starbucks customers can also chose from raccoon, squirrel, hamster and sloth merchandise.

The most usual of these items include decorated mugs. But the new line also offers wildly different, yet functional, accessories like lids that double as drying bases or cups that act as tripod stands for selfies. There are even magnet coasters.

No matter its function, all the items pay tribute to the summer season. Some have ice cream decorations, while others incorporate pastel fruits. But all include quirky animals.

The catch? The line was exclusively released for Starbucks stores in China. And many past Starbucks merchandise lines quite clearly fall below this one; most others contain accessories with the Starbucks logo or a simple pattern. Starbucks Japan's extensive 2019 spring-summer line comes in a close second to this one. Their new merchandise is full of rainbow pastels with lids shaped like half a lemon or a cat's head.

Credit: Starbucks

No matter which Starbucks China items are your favourites, you might have to take a trek to get them. If you search online hard enough, you might find some in the depths of eBay (but you didn't hear that from me). Maybe it is time to pack your bags and take a trip.