75-year-old grandma attacked by python in her sleep

75-year-old grandma attacked by python in her sleep

One of the most feared animals on the planet are snakes. Gallup News reports that a staggering 51% of Americans fear the animal, so it only stands to reason that people were horrified by footage of a woman being attacked by one in her sleep.

The incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand and involved a 75-year-old grandmother.

This is the shocking moment the animal, later identified as a python, attacked her as she slept: 

After the attack and subsequent capture of the snake, the woman's son posted the footage to Facebook, captioning it: "The incident happened in my house this week."

"My mother has escaped from being bitten by a snake while she was sleeping. Luckily she was not injured."

"The security guard of the housing estate told me the same snake had been caught before. But because rescue workers took a long time to arrive, they released the snake into a local water drain."

Snake sitting on toilet. Credit: Newsflare

By now, you're probably wondering why on earth the grandma was being filmed as she slept. The answer is that her son had installed CCTV footage so that he could keep an eye on her - and if this clip is anything to go by, he had good reason to.

Good luck sleeping tonight!