Alarming footage shows Great White Shark swim close to shore

Alarming footage shows Great White Shark swim close to shore

For some people, the fear of sharks is enough for them to go past their knees into the sea, but even they wouldn't expect a Great White to wonder up into the shallow waters. However, that's exactly what did happen in Cape Cod this month.

The incident took place at Nauset Beach, after other sharks were spotted in the area the preceding week. According to NCEN, one of the sharks spotted was 9 feet long, with another reaching up to 11 feet long. One of these sightings led to closures of public areas, including when a great white shark breached the water about 100 yards from the shore at Truro Beach.

One man was even bitten by a shark in Truro earlier in the month, but just about managed to escape. Fortunately, he was later released from hospital on Monday, after receiving puncture wounds to the leg and torso.

Now, a video of the shark appearance at Nauset Beach has spread online, racking up nearly 800,000 views since it was shared on the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's Facebook page on Monday. In the video you can hear the screams of people on the beach as they flee the scene.

Funnily enough, one woman seems to comfort a child calling for his "mommy", by telling him: "It's not going to come up into the sand. It's not Sharknado."

She's not exactly wrong, but it doesn't make it any less unnerving to see a shark so close to the shore...