Aldi is selling a huge inflatable flamingo and it's an absolute bargain

Aldi is selling a huge inflatable flamingo and it's an absolute bargain

This summer has been pretty hot, and so it's only natural that people have started hitting the poolside. There's nothing like a swim in the cooling waters to help you chill out, and the best way to relax (I find) is by investing in an inflatable of some kind.

If you'd like to grab yourself one before the sunshine runs out, then I have good news for you: the supermarket chain Aldi is selling an awesome inflatable flamingo floatable at a low price. The best part? It's absolutely gigantic.

The flamingo floatable measures an incredible 218cms by 211cms, and is more than a metre tall once in inflated. Not only that, but this mammoth pool toy can be yours for only £19.99. ($21.14)

Earlier this week, the supermarket chain posted an image of the giant inflatable bird, with the caption: "All your summer chillaxin' dreams have come true… Now all you need is a pool. Make the most of your time in the pool with the addition of this fun float. Great for splashing and playing in the pool when the sun is shining and the kids have broken up for summer."

The floatable can apparently bear the weight of around 220 kilos worth of passengers: or three people weighing around 11 stone each. Not only that, but the flamingo also comes with two air chambers for added safety, some handles, and a repair patch in case it bursts and deflates.

But this isn't the only awesome huge-fake-animal-related offer Aldi has lined up for the summer. Check out this article we penned about the giant inflatable sprinkler unicorn they're currently selling for just £40.