'Animal lover' who hunts and kills to feed family slammed online

'Animal lover' who hunts and kills to feed family slammed online

A self-proclaimed "animal lover" has appeared on British TV to explain why she hunts animals to feed her family.

In an interview on this morning, Rachel Carrie explained that despite being a vegetarian in her younger years, she now hunts and kills game - a form of meat production she believes is more ethical than buying store-bought meat.

She said her father taught her how to hunt, and she only does it on the land behind her home where she has permission.

Now, the mom has a sizable following on Instagram, and was questioned by the show's hosts on being the "glamorous face of hunting".

A mom explaining why she hunts to feed her family. Credit: This Morning

"I wouldn't say I'm the glamorous face of hunting," Rachel insisted. "There are thousands of people doing what I do."

The mom then revealed she has been killing animals since she was just eight years old, starting with killing and skinning rabbits.

"I used to skin, butcher them and prepare them for mum's rabbit stew. The interesting thing was, I was a vegetarian at this point but would happily eat mum's rabbit stew."

Now, she hunts and kills a variety of animals including pigeons, wild boar, and deer.

A hunter with her kill. Credit: Instagram / @rachelcarriehunting

When questioned about the possibility of putting animals in extreme pain though missed shots, she said: "You would not take the shot if you weren't 100% certain."

Reactions to Rachel's lifestyle were incredibly divided on social media, with viewers flocking to Twitter to criticise her for claiming to be an animal lover yet choosing to hunt and kill for her family.

Others, however, praised Rachel for acknowledging where her food comes from - and some even agreed that eating game meat was more ethical than purchasing the factory-farmed products sold in supermarkets.

Rachel appeared on the show in a bid to encourage others to use game meat in their cooking, something which she extensively showcases to her 50 thousand plus followers on Instagram.