Anti-vegan protester reportedly arrested after eating a raw squirrel on the street

Anti-vegan protester reportedly arrested after eating a raw squirrel on the street

Last month, an anti-vegan protester made headlines with a stomach-churning video that showed him eating a raw pig’s head outside a vegan food festival.

However, public disgust, and claims that the protest had actually encouraged onlookers to give up eating meat, haven't stopped him.

At the weekend the same anti-vegan protestor was allegedly arrested after eating a raw squirrel on the street outside a London vegan market.

Man eating squirrel Credit: Twitter/DioraBoros

The man, who goes by the name 'Sv3rige' online, arrived at the Soho Vegan Market on Saturday with a group of meat eaters, all reportedly waving 'eat animal fats, don't die' placards.

Wearing a necklace made from a dead woodcock bird around his neck, the Youtuber began munching on the squirrel in the middle of the food stands. However, after shocked onlookers began to shout down his controversial protest, things got heated.

This was the stunning moment 100 vegans stormed a cattle farm:

Many got their phones out to film Sv3rige, with one asking him "Why are you doing this? I eat meat, but I don’t do this" and another scolding him, saying: "You eating raw animals doesn't prove anything."

Footage uploaded online shows him being handcuffed and searched by police outside Soho Vegan Market on Rupert Street and multiple news sites have reported that he may have been arrested for the stunt.

Man arrested for eating squirrel Credit: Twitter/DioraBoros

The Met Police confirmed that two people had been arrested for public order offences but did not confirm if the YouTuber was one of them.

Before his protest, Sv3rige spoke to Metro, claiming he wanted to help "malnourished vegans" learn about nutrition.

"My message is that veganism is malnutrition and the reason I and other people eat raw meat is to show what humans eat in nature," he explained. "We try to talk to with the vegans and explain to them that there are over 15 nutrients that they can’t get from plants."

He continued: "Quite often, we do make them understand and get them to look into it a bit more. Vegans are mostly about morals and ethics, but they don’t know anything about nutrition."

Sv3rige added that he regularly talks to vegans who "get very ill" after years of following a vegan diet, but claimed they often "don’t realise" what they've done to their health.

Sv3rige Credit: Sv3rige/Youtube

"They believe it’s the best as it’s become a religion for them," he said. "They blindly believe we can go from eating meat to just eating plants like a cow, but we can’t as humans."

A spokeswoman for The Vegan Society hit back at his claims after the video went around on social media, with Dominika Piasecka stating: "We regret that this individual feels the need to protest against a compassion-driven lifestyle that simply aims to reduce animal suffering and exploitation.

"On the upside, many non-vegans were inevitably disgusted by his actions, which graphically raised awareness about how our food choices harm animals. It is perfectly possible to get all the nutrients your body needs as a vegan; the British Dietetic Association shares the message that vegan diets are suitable for people of all ages and life stages."