Bizarre moment doctor removes live fish from teen's nose

Bizarre moment doctor removes live fish from teen's nose

In 1975, Steven Speilberg's horror movie Jaws resulted in millions of people vowing never to go swimming ever again for fear of not knowing what's lurking beneath. However, it turns out that Speilberg didn't need to rely on a giant shark to cause such a mass panic, he could have just used a tiny fish stuck in the wrong place.

That's right - the story of a 13-year-old boy in southern India will certainly ensure you purchase a pair of nostril clips the next time you go for a dip, after footage emerged of a doctor pulling a live fish from the boy's nose.

You can see the footage below (this is not for the squeamish):

Per Newsflare, the fish became lodged in the teenager's left nostril after he jumped into a water well near his house on November 10 when.

According to the doctor, when the youngster arrived to the medical center he was in a lot of pain, and something could be seen moving in his nostril.

All-in-all, the removal procedure took around 30 minutes before the live fish was successfully removed.

But, oddly enough, this certainly isn't the first creature to be removed from somebody's face.

After suffering from painful migraines, this woman discovered that the cause of her headaches was actually a tiny (and oddly cute) spider living in her ear canal.

You can see the pesky little fella inside her ear in the video below:

The woman started having headaches after deciding to relax by taking a nap on her veranda. Then - you guessed it - while she was busy snoozing, a little spider crawled by and decided her ear looked like a pretty snug home.

Stories like these are enough to make me want to lock myself in my bedroom and become a hermit for the rest of my life.