Coors Light will help pay for you to adopt a dog throughout February

Coors Light will help pay for you to adopt a dog throughout February

According to a recent study, tragically around 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed each year on average due to overcrowded shelters and a lack of people willing to adopt. 

Yet adopting can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. More and more initiatives are encouraging people to consider adopting a dog rather than buying from a pet store, and now Coors beer has come up with an excellent initiative to help out.

Recently this Super Bowl champ celebrated his big win by helping out homeless dogs: 

If you're of legal drinking age and want to adopt a dog of your own between February 4 and February 21, then Coors has announced that it's willing to cover a significant portion of the costs involved.

That's right, the first 1,000 eligible participants who sign up for this scheme will have the first $100 of their adoption fees paid for by the beer manufacturer. All you need to do is text a picture of your adoption receipt to 28130, accompanied by the special promotional code: "COORS4k9", and Coors beer will make sure that some of your dog's needs are provided for.

Sadly, residents in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia are not eligible to participate in the scheme, but if you live in any other state then you could add a new addition to your family very soon.