Couple stumble upon a giant spider eating a whole possum

Couple stumble upon a giant spider eating a whole possum

A husband and wife got the fright of their lives when they came across a giant spider in the middle of eating a possum whole.

Justine Latton and her husband were on a road trip to Mt Field on the island of Tazmania when they noticed a huntsman spider with a whole pygmy possum in its mouth.

Spider eating possum Credit: Facebook

Latton knew immediately that she had to take pictures of the arachnid with an appetite, and posted the images to a Tasmanian insects and spiders Facebook page, writing: "Possum-eating spider! Taken by my husband at a Mt Field lodge."

The spider is pretty large, and although the possum isn't the biggest, it's still pretty terrifying. Facebook users were in awe of the viral post, with Kylie Marsden writing: "Holy s**t. Nope."

Check out this spider discovered making a home in a man's ear:

"Awww. Everyone's gotta eat, but man," said Veronika Ross, while Emma Powel waxed lyrical, saying: "Would have been amazing to see from the onset of battle — would have been so hard to not step in and help the little possum though."

Typically, pygmy possums grow to be around 5-6.5cm (according to Tasmania Wildlife and Parks), so this spider has done pretty well to carry around one in its mouth like that. That eight-legged hunter definitely ate well that evening.