Dad discovers dog has been using his son's training toilet every night

Dad discovers dog has been using his son's training toilet every night

Any dog owner alive will tell you that one of the worst parts about getting a new dog is toilet-training it. Yes, when you get yourself a little puppy, teaching them where and when to poop can be a frustrating process, and result in stains being left all over your house.

Some dogs take weeks and weeks to toilet train properly, while other mutts are fast learners. It all depends on the animal in question. But now a video of a very special dog indeed has gone viral on social media, showing incredibly-smart dog apparently toilet training itself; using an invention meant for human children.

Take a look at the video of the dog using the toilet below: 

A dad who hails from California discovered that his young son wasn’t the only one using the potty when he came home from work very early in the morning. Getting in at 5AM, he noticed that his little boy's training toilet had been used late at night.

This was odd as the child was clearly too young to be up and using the potty in the dark himself at that hour. He simply couldn't have snuck out of bed and used it.

Reviewing the CCTV camera he'd installed for security purposes later, the man in question made a hilarious discovery. The video showed the family dog padding into the living room in the dark, circling the potty a couple of times, before crouching over and using it just like a human!

An image of a dog using a toilet. Credit: YouTube/ViralHog

The best bet is that this smart little pitbull has seen the child pooping, and maybe thinks that he'll be rewarded for doing the same thing. Man: I've heard of dogs drinking out of the toilet, but this is just ridiculous!