Dog adopted by gas station rushes to the rescue during armed robbery

Dog adopted by gas station rushes to the rescue during armed robbery

I think that sometimes we don't give dogs the credit they deserve. This species has been man's best friend since history began, serving us and guarding our homes for countless generations. They provide emotional support when we're down, and they're silly enough to enjoy their antics at a distance and cute enough for us to dote on. No wonder they're the most popular pet in the world.

But lately, dogs are best known on the internet for doggo memes and videos showcasing their stupidity. In a way, it's almost patronising how we treat our pets and loyal companions. After all, what other species apart from humans can hold down a job in the police force? Not bad for an animal that likes to drink out of the toilet. But if you've forgotten just how badass dogs can really be, then check out the video below, which shows a dog rushing to the rescue of gas station workers when they were being robbed by armed felons.

The dog, a golden labrador named Randy, was adopted by staff at a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico. The stray had been wandering the streets, half-starved and lonely, for several months before the gas station employees decided to adopt him as their unofficial mascot. Little did they know just how much that dog's loyalty would reward them in days to come.

Recently, the two armed robbers showed up, ordering a terrified attendant to open up the office so they could make away with the cash there. When they began beating the poor attendant, Randy suddenly woke up and rushed to his aid, terrifying the robbers, who were driven away. CCTV footage recorded at the scene shows Randy's incredible canine bravery, and when the unbelievable video hit social media, Randy became an overnight doggie celebrity. You can see it for yourself below.

Commenting on the incident, gas station owner Gerardo Aguilar stated: "We fed him, bathed him and got him vaccinated. We adopted him. Now he lives here, and is cared for by all the workers ... We were surprised to see how he reacted, and of course we are proud of him. If it weren’t for Randy, who knows how things would have ended. He shows us how grateful and happy he is with us."

Meanwhile, regular customer Nuria Arellano stated: "He makes it a better experience. I always call him, and he gets in the door of my truck and brings his face to mine, It would be wonderful if the culture changed and there were more rescued puppies at other gas stations and other stores. Let’s hope this happens one day."

So next time your dog does something naughty, like pee on the rug or chew your slippers, then maybe cut it some slack instead of losing your temper: that pooch might just end up saving your life one of these days.