Dog 'free to a good home' after eating owner's sex toy

Dog 'free to a good home' after eating owner's sex toy

A dog owner's Facebook post has gone viral on social media this week, after she discovered he'd destroyed her favorite sex toy by chewing it.

Stacey Eales, a business developer who hails from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, England, came into her home to discover a number of shattered pieces of pink plastic scattered across her staircase.

At first, Stacey believed that her French bulldog crossbreed Bugzy had chewed one of his own rubber toys into pieces, but when she went up to her bedroom she got a nasty shock.

She discovered a very guilty-looking mutt hiding next to her bed, along with several more torn piece of plastic. Stacey found that the one-year-onth-old pooch was peering sheepishly up at her because she'd found her Stacey's sex toy, and had chewed it to pieces.

Stacey later took to Facebook to share some pictures of the dog's naughty crime. She captioned the pictures with a joke ad that read: "FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Breed: Staffy X Frenchie. Reason: HE'S A T***. [sic]"

Commenting on the incident, Stacey stated that she'd been suspicious at first because the dog didn't have any pink toys of his own. Although the sex toy had been expensive,  she said that she didn't have the heart to shout at her dog, since he looked too cute.

Stacey also added that the sex toy still worked a little bit, with a limited amount of vibration, despite the heavy bite marks and the pieces missing from it. However, she intends to replace it with a new one, which she will hide more carefully and has forgiven the guilty pooch for making such a mess.

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So if you have an adult toy that you don't want your pet to get hold of, then please considering keeping it somewhere safe. You'll thank me later.