Family reunited with missing dog after 'thief' walks him past their house

Family reunited with missing dog after 'thief' walks him past their house

Losing a family pet can be devastating, but knowing your beloved furry family member was snatched from your home and is now living with somebody else is absolutely heartwrenching.

One family who knows this all too well is the Delgado family from Patterson, California. It had been eight months since their Chihuahua-mix Charlie had gone missing from their home back in March, but then one day, they noticed a very familiar dog walking past their house.

Check out a report on this fascinating story below:

Eight months after Eva Delgado's beloved Charlie had gone missing, she suddenly noticed a woman walking a dog that looked A LOT like her pooch past her home on Friday. That's because the dog on the lead WAS Charlie.

After realizing that it was her dog, Eva called out to Charlie, causing the Chihuahua-mix to recognize his owner's voice and respond to her call. This led to a bizarre confrontation with the woman holding the leash, who claimed to own him.

Speaking to KTXL, Eva said: "'Hey, Charlie, come here!' I said, 'That’s mine.' And she said: 'No, it’s my dad's.'"

The woman then refused to give Charlie up, which prompted Eva to follow her back to a garage where Charlie had been spotted after escaping from his home in March.

Eva had already contacted this particular garage shortly after Charlie's escape, only for the mechanic working there to deny ever seeing the little dog. After all of Eva's other efforts came up short, she sadly gave up all hope of ever seeing Charlie again.

This is the moment a man was reunited with his dog after 3 years of searching:

But after ending up back at this garage eight months later, she knew something was up.

Last week, Eva confronted the same mechanic once again, who proceeded to deny that the dog was indeed Charlie.

Recalling the argument, Eva said: "He says, 'I don’t have the papers on me, I have them in my house.' I said, 'No, you can’t have them.'"

When the mechanic still refused to give the mutt up, Eva was forced to contact the police, who were able to scan the dog's microchip and confirm that he was, in fact, Charlie. Within one hour of the chip being scanned, Charlie was returned to Eva and her family.

Per the Metro, the Delgados are now deciding whether or not to press charges against the family they have accused of stealing Charlie.