Footage shows diver's face-to-face encounter with giant anaconda in river

Footage shows diver's face-to-face encounter with giant anaconda in river

Any diver worth their salt will tell you that, when you're underwater, you never know exactly what you might end up bumping into. You might come face-to-face with a manta ray, or a giant turtle, or a shark, or an octopus ... or something even more unexpected than that.

If you need proof, then look no further than the following creepy video, which has emerged on social media this week. The chilling footage shows a diver swimming underwater in a river; who suddenly found himself getting intimately close to the crushing coils of a humungous anaconda.

Check out the chilling encounter with the giant snake in the video below: 

The video was reportedly filmed under the Formoso River on July 29, 2019. Two scuba divers, Bartolomeo Bove and Juca Ygarape, stumbled upon the allegedly seven-meter-long snake lurking in the riverbed and immediately began filming the deadly reptile.

Bove later told Newsflare: "The rivers and the bodies of water around the Bonito area are the only places in South America where Anacondas can be found in crystal clear waters, and therefore diving with them is possible."

He added: "As shown in the footage, the anaconda swims calm and peaceful, completely indifferent to our presence, some times she comes closer curious about my camera licking the lens."

An image of a giant snake. Credit: Getty

The anaconda, or common water boa, is one of the heaviest and longest snake species in the world, native only to Brazil and certain other parts of South America. They mostly inhabit swamps, marshland, and rivers in tropical rainforests, and while they are cumbersome on land, they are far more mobile in the water, as this footage rightly proves.