Girl laughs as she shoves dog into tumble dryer

Girl laughs as she shoves dog into tumble dryer

A shocking example of animal cruelty has emerged on social media this week, which shows a girl putting her dog into a tumble dryer during an Instagram live stream.

In the video, the young girl can be seen stating to the camera:  "Alright, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna put his *ss back in the dryer.”

She then picks up the Shi Tzu dog and proceeds to put it in her tumble dryer, before closing the door and switching it on for a minute or so. Afterwards, the unfortunate canine stumbles out of the machine and runs off, looking dizzy. The girl can be heard laughing as the dog cowers under the table.

Watch the disturbing footage in the video below:

On social media, Twitter users were left sickened and disgusted by the live stream, after someone with the handle @sasaaok uploaded the footage to her timeline.

She captioned it: "Someone please call the police on this girl, Some people don’t deserve dogs or pets at all. It’s complete abuse how they treat them. She did this to the dog multiple times."

The video in question quickly went viral, and many dog-lovers were left outraged by the clip. Some contacted PETA to inform them of the animal cruelty, while others tried to determine the girl's identity so they could report her to the authorities.

An image of the animal cruelty video. Credit: Twitter/@sasaaok

When the video was uploaded to the subreddit r/PublicFreakout, a Redditor with the handle Taylola attempted to trace the girl's whereabouts and report her. They wrote: "[I] called the [Florida] cops after linking her handle to the wrong FB account. HOWEVER they were able to track her to Dallas with the IG information I gave and are in contact with that local police department. [sic]"

They continued: "Update: Cop called back said with the friends number I gave him (from IG contacts) he was able to make contact with the friend and positively ID’d the abuser. He contacted her school and the resource officer and is now in contact with the lead investigator from Dallas. St. Petersburg FL police department is on its game! [sic]"

The later added: "FL cop called back and said the Dallas PD is attempting to make contact and they’ve called her school administrators and police officer. School lets in this week so they will, hopefully, find her ... He came back and thanked me profusely because the information I did provide about the abusers IG and the friend's telephone number he was able to immediately get a Dallas officer on this case. [sic]"

It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for the girl in the video, but it seems as though investigators have things well in hand.