Heart-stopping moment fishing guide is chased down by wild Alaskan bear

Heart-stopping moment fishing guide is chased down by wild Alaskan bear

I really couldn't imagine living in close proximity to any sort of wild animal. In fact, it completely blows my mind that there are people who are willing to keep some of the world's most deadly predators as pets. And bears certainly aren't exempt from my fear of predatory animals.

Because while it might be true that they are, generally speaking, unlikely to prey on humans, they're still much bigger and much more imposing than I will ever be.

So if I ever got caught up in an incident involving a bear, well, quite frankly - I wouldn't stand a chance.

And this alarming footage of a wild bear charging toward a car in Alaska is basically proof that my fear is perfectly justifiable:

The people involved in the incident - a fishing guide, Cody Kunau and his friend Samantha - were driving to Yakutat Lodge when the heart-stopping encounter took place.

"On July 2nd [2017], my friend Samantha and I were driving to the lodge for dinner when we encountered a bear far ahead in the road," Cody explains. "This is a somewhat normal occurrence for here."

"Usually, the bears run off and catching a close-up glimpse is hard. We slowed our vehicle down to where we saw the bear cross the road when suddenly it erupted from the bushes and came after our vehicle."

A bear raising its paw. Credit: Getty

Following the incident, the pair decided to turn back around to see what was making the bear so agitated. They saw no cubs, prey or anything that could explain the bear's erratic behaviour.

But it didn't end there - the same bear charged toward Cody and Samantha again prompting them to head to the lodge to warn everyone of the potential danger.

"This is a popular road in town located maybe 500 yards from the lodge so we wanted to let people know not to walk or bike there," Cody continued. "In the rearview mirror, we witnessed the bear also chase another vehicle that passed by after us without the occupants even knowing.

"They were heading to our lodge for dinner too. Even though I was in a car, it was one of the scariest moments of my life!"