Heartbreaking moment dog is seen chasing owner's car after being abandoned on the streets

Heartbreaking moment dog is seen chasing owner's car after being abandoned on the streets

I believe dogs truly are man's best friend. They never judge us, they're always happy to see us, and even if we've had a rough day, our furry friends will be waiting by the front door, ready to shower us with love and affection.

However, not all dog owners realize just how lucky they are, and for one reason or another, they abandon these amazing animals on the streets, as if they were trash.

This was the case for one dog in Thailand, who was left so confused by the situation, that the canine tirelessly chased after his owners' vehicle, unable to comprehend the fact it had been abandoned.

The heartbreaking scene, which was captured by motorcyclist Kat Jaroensuk, shows a helpless pooch chasing after its owners' silver truck, moments after being left on the streets.

Check out the devastating incident in the video below:

Speaking to Newsflare, Kat said:

''I didn’t know how long this poor dog had been running after the car but I could see that he was running so fast that his legs were sore.

"I honked at the truck to get their attention, but the driver did not seem to slow down. So, I accelerated my motorbike to knock on the window and told the couple inside that they were being followed by the dog.

"At first, I was being positive and helpful, because I really thought that they might really not know about it. But when the wife replied me, 'Yeah, we don’t want it,' and shut the window right in front of my face, then I knew that they intentionally left their own pet behind.’’

Kat also said that after talking with several friends in the area, she believes the couple were in the process of moving house and that this is why they could no longer include the dog in their family.

Sadly, despite the dog searching the entire area, Kat said it was unable to find it's family: "The dog kept running and crying even though the truck was nowhere to be seen.''

Kat described the entire incident as "disgraceful" - sentiments we echo wholeheartedly. We just hope the pup finds a loving forever home soon.