Hilariously creepy video shows 'knife-wielding' dog pay house guest a midnight visit

Hilariously creepy video shows 'knife-wielding' dog pay house guest a midnight visit

Late at night, when we're in the house all by ourselves, we often all have one thought in particular: what if some knife-wielding psycho breaks in and murders me and no one is here to hear my screams?

As dramatic as it seems, we all share this common fear. And as wholly unrealistic as it is that someone with murder on the mind would specifically take the time to break into our humble gaff, it doesn't stop us from worrying about it deep into the long, lonely night.

However, for some people, this night terror is less a bad dream and more a reality. Aside from the fact that the 'murderer' in question is a dog. And the dog in question doesn't kill you, but instead pays you a hilarious knife-wielding midnight visit.

That's exactly what happened to a woman staying in Colorado at her brother's house, who was recently left completely shocked when her sibling's Australian Shepherd paid her a rather creepy 12 o'clock visit.

Walking into her bedroom unexpectedly in the deep of night with a kitchen knife in his mouth, the unidentified woman was given a real fright. However, fortunately, she saw the funny side of things and proceeded to film the Australian Shepherd as he climbed on her bed and walked towards her.

In the footage - which was obtained by the New York Post - the house guest can be heard frantically giggling as she tells the dog "No. No, drop it. No" in between laughs.

Speaking to the New York Post, she gave a brief summary of her ridiculous experience, saying: "The door creaks open and it's my brother's dog holding a knife in his mouth by the handle."

Now, that's no way to treat a house guest, eh? Someone needs to teach that dog how to be friendlier when relatives come to stay.