Incredible moment humpback whale surfaces right in front of canoe paddlers

Incredible moment humpback whale surfaces right in front of canoe paddlers

There's nothing more incredible than getting a glimpse of an animal in its natural habitat. When we're in a different environment and have the privilege of seeing another creature, it can help remind us of the beauty of nature, and mankind's place in the world.

Nowhere is this more apparent than out in the open ocean. The sea contains countless impressive species, but whales are often considered to be a cut above the rest. Just think of the awe and grandeur Herman Melville felt for these amazing mammals when he was writing Moby Dick.

If you want proof of this, then just take a gander at this whale sighting, which has managed to go viral on social media this week.

Check out the amazing video of the whale below:

The incident allegedly occurred off the coast of Brazil while a group of people were paddling in Hawaiian canoes. One member of the group was filming the experience, and had their video camera trained on the tranquil waters.

That was when something amazing happened. All of a sudden, a humpback whale jumped out from the surface of the water, fully visible mere feet away from the awestruck paddlers, before it splashed back into the sea and swam off. The whole incident occurred in less than 10 seconds, and yet gave these paddlers a memory that will last forever.

Humpback whales are a common species to observe among whale watchers, either onshore or on touring boats. They're a highly intelligent species that often display individualistic behaviour.

Hawaii's economy makes an annual revenue of $20 million from people who want to see these animals, and it has more than recouped the cost of whaling.