Man shares pics of blood-covered home to warn others about fireworks and dogs

Man shares pics of blood-covered home to warn others about fireworks and dogs

A man has shared pictures of a home covered in blood in an attempt to warn pet owners about the dangers of fireworks over Independence Day.

Lee Phillips, who says he is an animal control officer, posted the images from a house he had to visit after a dog had gotten spooked by some fireworks while his owners were out of the family home. "I went on a call tonight where the owners were not home and the dog heard fireworks go off and broke though the glass....and hurt herself," Phillips said in his Facebook post.

"I am posting this as a reminder. If you know your dog freaks out when they hear fireworks and you will not be home over the holiday...please secure your dog in a safe place where they can not hurt themselves. Many people will be setting fireworks off over the holiday."

Phillips' warning comes as more and more Americans are becoming aware of the chaos that can ensue in the animal kingdom during the Fourth of July celebrations. It's gotten so bad that down in Phoenix, Arizona, volunteers are giving up their holiday to take care of shelter dogs who get so scared during the fireworks.

It's part of an initiative from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) called Calming the Canines, and in its second year, they're looking to build upon the 300 people who showed up last year across two shelters to help comfort the animals. Amy Angel was just one of them, and on Facebook, she said:

"Some people sang to them, some people read to them, some people just sat there and gave treats! It was so, so awesome because the dogs absolutely love the attention and were focused on the people and not the fireworks going on outside."

While everyone is out enjoying themselves on Independence Day, it's important to keep in mind that animals like cats or dogs are often startled and confused by the wild noises. We should all make an effort to keep our pets safe during this difficult time for them.