Man who almost died after being licked by dog refuses to give pet up

Man who almost died after being licked by dog refuses to give pet up

Greg Manteufel, who hails from Wisconsin, US, is believed to have become serious unwell as a result of his dog's affection. But despite his ordeal, he's refused to give his Pit Bull up.

Manteufel initially believed he had contracted the flu, having experienced fever, vomiting and diarrhoea in June of last year. However, upon doing blood cultures, hospital staff discovered capnocytophaga. The germ, which in turn caused sepsis, made the man's blood pressure to drop, and several of his organs shut down.

Manteufel speaks about his ordeal below: 

Manteufel requested that doctors do everything they could to keep him alive, and he ultimately went onto have over 20 surgeries, including amputations of his left and right arms below the elbow, and both legs through the middle of the knee.

Capnocytophaga is often found in the saliva of household pets, such as cats and dogs, and rarely infects humans, unless their immune system is somewhat compromised.

The 49-year-old had been around many dogs, including his own, and prior to getting sick, he was deemed to be healthy.

Per TIME, medical staff at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, could give no explanation as to why Manteufel had such a severe reaction.

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In spite of everything, the house painter has remained optimistic, and was reportedly a quick study with his prosthetic limbs. Per TIME, the thought of getting home to his wife and son, as well as his dog, Ellie, encouraged him to persevere.

Certainly, while the Pit Bull may carry capnocytophaga, making her the cause of his illness, Manteufel refuses to get rid of her.

"We didn’t even bother testing her. We weren’t going to get rid of her if it was her that caused it anyway," he told the publication. "We just love her to death."

As he continued to Fox News, Manteufel and his family love the dog "like she's our daughter".