Heartstopping moment caged tiger launches at young boy at zoo

Heartstopping moment caged tiger launches at young boy at zoo

No matter how safe you think you are, it is important to remember that a tiger will never change its stripes. And in case you needed evidence of this, just check out this heart-pounding footage captured by one father while visiting a zoo in Ireland.

Shared to Twitter by user @RobC, the father captioned the video: My son was on the menu in Dublin Zoo today #raar".

As his son poses in front of the glass, the tiger can be seen slowly approaching in the background, stalking its "prey". But as the young child smiles for a photo, the tiger quickly pounces - covering meters and reaching the glass in mere seconds.

Check out the chilling footage below:

The video was captured at Dublin Zoo, and fortunately, the glass barrier did its job and was able to protect him from any danger. However, the fright was enough to knock the young lad - referred to as Sean - out of the shot.

And despite the fact, I'd have been screaming in terror and running for my life, laughter fills the room - presumably in an effort to put Sean at ease.

Credit: Twitter

And in response to the heart-racing video, many Twitter users couldn't help but share their thoughts.

Twitter user 'BEER FROM THE WOOD ®' commented: "First lesson in life: Stare them in the eyes, don't turn your back Second lesson in life: Always carry spare undergarments."

And Stephen Priestley simply wrote: "Putting a lot of faith in that glass".

Meanwhile, user Debbie H pondered: "Wow.. think, before we were civilised this is the reality our young faced! I love that your son sees the humour in it. Means he’s resilient and not anxious. Good for him! [sic]"

And if you thought that was a close call, check out the moment a tiger came SO close to catching a motorcyclist:

I think I'll stick to my house cat from now on...