Motorcyclists escape death after tiger emerges from woods

Motorcyclists escape death after tiger emerges from woods

There are few things more terrifying than the prospect of being attacked by a vicious and bloodthirsty wild animal. But fortunately, the vast majority of us will never have to find out what that's like - because most of us know not to venture anywhere within close proximity to free-roaming predators. I mean, why would you play Russian roulette with your life like that?

And yet, there have been a number of incidents in which people have narrowly escaped being captured, attacked and ultimately eaten by such predators.

In fact, alarming footage has emerged of the exact moment a tiger suddenly appears from the woods and begins chasing after two motorcyclists in what could have turned into a fatal attack.

Take a look at the terrifying incident in the video below:

The gripping video was filmed by one of the motorcyclists involved in the incident as they made their way down a road on the edge of Nagarhole National Park, in the southern part of Karnataka State in India, the Daily Mail reports.

Navaneeth Krishnaz was traveling through Pambra, India on Saturday, June 29 when he was approached by the ferocious creature.

A tiger in a field. Credit: Getty

Seemingly out of nowhere, the tiger - one of 72 others of its species at Nagarhole National Park - starts sprinting after the pair at about 40 mph (64 kph), managing to get harrowingly close to its would-be prey.

The big cat initially appears intent on keeping up with the bikes but eventually stops pursuing the motorcyclists and ventures back into the woods on the opposite side of the road.

It is not known whether the pair were aware that the predator was lurking around before it emerged from the woods, however, considering one of them was filming the tiger as it pursued them, it's likely they had already spotted it.