Photographer captures epic battle between giant anaconda and monster caiman

Photographer captures epic battle between giant anaconda and monster caiman

Wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley from Albuquerque, New Mexico, came across a truly striking battle between a "29-foot-long anaconda" and a monster caiman in Pantanal, Brazil. This video was taken earlier this year in March.

Dooley filmed as the green anaconda attacked the six-foot-long Caiman (a member of the alligator family) after finding it in the swamps of tropical wetland where both species live.

Take a look at this epic battle between a giant anaconda and a monster caiman as they fight to the death:

The giant snake can be seen wrapping itself around the huge crocodile in an attempt to crush it.

Per SWNS, Dooley, 58, says he was very lucky to be able to capture the intense encounter on camera, and admits that he has never before captured scenes of this nature.

Dooley was sitting in a boat eating his lunch when he became aware of the ordeal that the caiman found itself in. When he looked in the direction of the sudden splashing he heard, he saw the anaconda strangling the croc. According to the wildlife photographer, the snake had even broken all of its victim's legs.

Credit: SWNS TV screenshot

The entire incident happened in about eight minutes and saw the anaconda eventually run out of oxygen, at which point it has no choice but to let go of the crocodile.

The caiman, as a result, attempts to get the upper hand and bites into the aggressor. However, the anaconda manages to slither away, and it appeared to Dooley that the croc eventually succumbed to the attack.

In other news, a 6ft crocodile attacked an unsuspecting couple in a swimming pool in footage captured on CCTV:

The man was able to immediately jump out of the pool to safety as his female companion tries to fend off the creature alone. The attack reportedly took place in Zimbabwe.