Police dog returns to work after being stabbed in the head

Police dog returns to work after being stabbed in the head

Audi the police dog has returned to work after being stabbed in the head while on duty.

The incident took place in Staffordshire, England, on July 1 when PD Audi was working with his officer, who was also assaulted.

The police force was subsequently inundated with cards, presents, and well wishes from the public, who hoped that Audi would have a speedy recovery. Thankfully, this was the case, and he has now returned to work after just three weeks.

PC Mander, Audi's handler, confirmed the news, saying: "Fortunately, Audi hasn't taken as long to recover from his injury as we at first feared.

"He's had lots of rest and TLC and luckily he has recovered well and there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage to him."

"I have to say, we were really touched by the cards and 'get well' messages people sent to Audi," he continued. "I think it shows that the public values the work our police dogs do."

"We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent something to Audi, it really was appreciated."

After the news was confirmed on Twitter, people continued to send the brave pooch well wishes:

The man responsible for Audi's injury, 29-year-old Dan O'Sullivan, from Liverpool, was apprehended and charged for harming the dog. It has also been reported that he attacked as many as five police officers.

After the incident, the police force tweeted to say that Audi was in a stable condition:

"The police dog who was stabbed in Hanley earlier this afternoon is now in a stable condition. PD Audi is a member of the Staffs Police family, we'll be monitoring his progress closely & keeping you updated. Thank you for all your well wishes for Audi & his handler."

O'Sullivan was charged under a new law, Finn's Law, which came into existence on June 8, that protects service animals.

A police dog. Credit: Staffordshire Police

The law was created after a police dog named Finn was stabbed while protecting his handler, PC David Wardell, back in 2016.

Like Audi, Finn made a full recovery after being stabbed in the chest and head, and went onto find fame with Wardell by appearing on the British talent show, Britain's Got Talent, in a magic act.

The Finn's Law website reads: "On 5 October 2016, Police Dog Finn was viciously stabbed on duty with a 10-inch hunting knife while detaining a robbery suspect.

"Although Finn had sustained life-threatening injuries from the first attack, he bravely dived in front of the second thrust, aimed directly for PC Dave Wardell, his handler and dad."

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