Potato the cat's unique eyes have made him a viral internet sensation

Potato the cat's unique eyes have made him a viral internet sensation

Two years ago, Ashley Norlien adopted Potato the cat and, naturally, couldn't wait to post a few pics of her new pet online.

Soon after creating an Instagram page for her feline, 21-year-old Ashley noticed that not only was account accumulating thousands of followers, but that the posts were getting countless comments on the appearance of his eyes. The googly-eyed was even being compared to the likes of Puss in Boots from Shrek.

It has now been two years since Ashley started posting photos and videos of Potato and in that time, the page has garnered over 50,000 followers. And with each snap, followers flock to the comments section to express their amazement at the kitty's unique look.

"Are his eyes naturally that big?" one fan asked. "I've never seen a cat with such big eyes! He's very gorgeous"

"Your eyes are like an ocean I want to swim in," wrote another, while a third added: "He's kinda scary but I love him."

In the most recent post to the account, Ashley told her followers that one of the "wildest" things to happen to Potato this year was that he has become leash trained.

"At least I think I figured out the trick to walking this extra-large load around, I always look crazy walking with a Potato but you guys seem to really enjoy the fresh pics because of this though I can take him places and he got to actually meet a cute lil family of 3 of his fans," she continued.

This is the heartwarming moment a disabled man climbs out of his wheelchair to save a kitten:

The caption then turned sentimental, with the 21-year-old thanking her followers for supporting the page:

"I just can’t believe it though, I would have never predicted starting this lil account would ever turn into where it is today, its not really that important but I hit a lil milestone today with you guys 34k!!!!"