Puppy survives against all odds after eating a bag of heroin he found on a walk

Puppy survives against all odds after eating a bag of heroin he found on a walk

When Denis and Kathy Parslow took their dog Shelby out for a walk one fateful day - they had no idea that he would be moments away from enduring a near-fatal medical emergency.

But that is exactly what happened to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The spaniel was lucky to survive after eating a bag containing six heroin pills during a morning walk in a park in Brompton, South Australia.

"He had something in his mouth which was quite large so I challenged him and he swallowed it," Denis told Daily Mail Australia.

"We went to the beach that day and he was fine. When we got back home he wouldn't jump out of the car and wasn't as active as he normally is."

dog and owner Credit: ABC News

"His eyes just weren't fixing on anything, and we didn't know what was happening at the time, but certainly, in fact, he was just in a total state of haze in his eyes, as well as not eating and drinking," Denis recalls.

Before they knew it, their 16-month-old pup had begun throwing up and the Parslows had no choice but to take him to Torrens Road Vet Clinic, unaware that his extensive treatment would set them back an eye-watering sum of $4000.

Initially, Shelby was treated for gastro with antibiotics and given a shot.

Unfortunately, his symptoms only became worse and so it was decided he should have an x-ray taken.

dog and owner Credit: 7 News

Vet Jenny Weston was concerned when nothing conclusive showed up on the x-ray.

There was only one thing for it - Shelby would have to undergo surgery.

It was during the operation that Weston discovered the Class A drugs that were causing the pooch such distress.

"We went in and did an exploratory laparotomy and found a small bag of heroin in his stomach," Dr. Weston said. "Which was lucky, because the bag had caused pain but hadn't completely burst, so we were able to get the heroin out."

Now that they had identified the cause, Shelby was put on Narcan in order to counteract the effects of drugs that had gotten into his system.

Fortunately, Shelby made a swift recovery and was able to go home the day after the surgical procedure.