Puppy undergoes reconstructive surgery after abusers put firecrackers in his mouth

Puppy undergoes reconstructive surgery after abusers put firecrackers in his mouth

A puppy who had part of his face blown off - most notably his nose - after abusers allegedly placed a firecracker in his mouth, has now undergone reconstructive surgery on his jaw, the Metro reports.

The one-year-old pup, known as Braveheart, was found in Sonora, Mexico, by an animal rescue team that contacted the Saving Huey Foundation to adopt him following his surgery. The damage caused by the firecracker was so extensive that he now has a prosthetic jaw. Needless to say, he was extremely lucky to survive the attack.

Following the reconstruction, Braveheart recovered at the veterinary practice for two months until he was well enough to make the 11-hour drive to the foundation. He has been staying at their sanctuary for the last two months now.

Take a look at the adorable pup with his new, rebuilt jaw:

The Saving Huey Foundation is a charity run by 44-year-old Tracy Lystra. Upon hearing about the horrifying ordeal Braveheart was forced to endure, the foundation did everything they could to help the pooch. They paid for his recovery and to have him sent to the US so that he could live in their sanctuary.

Writing on their official Facebook page, the Saving Huey Foundation said in a post:

"A few days ago I was contacted about a dog located in Sonora, Mexico. After seeing the intake picture my initial thought was to have the poor dog put down. I’ve seen damage similar to this in pictures before and it’s been the result of firecrackers being placed in an animals mouth. Obviously the destruction is devastating and usually fatal.

"While one side of the bottom jaw is severely damaged, the vet feels there’s enough remaining jaw for 'Brave Heart' to be able to eat and drink. The damage to the nose and nasal cavity has been cleared of necrotic tissue as well as sewn back together. Brave Heart has been hospitalized for the past three days and will remain so for an unknown amount of time.

"Saving Huey Foundation will be covering Brave Heart’s medical bills, not only in Mexico, but here in the U.S. as well. As long as Brave Heart is stable enough to be moved, he may be joining us as early as next week; time will tell and we certainly won’t push it.

"We want what’s best for Brave Heart and will make all decisions accordingly."

Lystra was contacted by an individual in Mexico, with whom she works, and they told him about Braveheart. They sent Lystra a picture of the puppy and, per Caters News, she said her immediate instinct was that the dog should be put down.

Braveheart Credit: Caters screenshot

But then she was told about Dr Briseno, who wanted help. Ultimately, Braveheart was taken to his practice and ended up undergoing four surgeries.

Dr Briseno and hospital staff in the US believe the damage caused to the dog's nose and jaw came as a result of explosives, most likely a firecracker, being placed in his mouth, Lystra said, per Caters News.