Rescuers find 'unicorn' puppy with 'tail' growing out of its forehead

Rescuers find 'unicorn' puppy with 'tail' growing out of its forehead

On Saturday, 9 November, a Missouri-based dog rescue centre Mac’s Mission shared photos of a young puppy it had just rescued.

As is evident from the photos, he is no ordinary pooch - in fact, he has what appears to be a small tail growing out of its forehead.

Mac’s Mission, who have since lovingly named him "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn", is currently requesting donations for the pup.

"NEW RESCUE!!!" the centre wrote on Facebook. "This puppy was just found along with another older dog. This puppy has a TAIL COMING OUT OF HIS FOREHEAD and a foot injury of some sort. We are thankful this baby and his buddy are safe from the freezing cold. We definitely specialize in special."

Needless to say, plenty of people began sharing their own speculations as to how the dog had developed this unique feature.

"It was going to be a twin," one person wrote. "You know how cells develop from the ass first? so when the cells split, this dog continued developing from the butt all the way to the nose, the other cell was like 'f this s**t, I ain't ready' and stopped developing. so the ass part just stayed there while the other cell developed. so basically this dog has its siblings butt on its forehead."

This is the moment a massive dog is rescued from top of mountain after becoming too tired to walk back down:

"Nice try FBI," another said in jest. "We all know this is one of the aliens that escaped the Area 51."

"Please do not remove the 'tail' in front if it doesn't cause any harm," added a third. "The boy is special in his own ways~ giving him much love!"

Mac’s Mission explained in a separate post that the "extra tail is not connected to anything and has no real use other than making him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER!"

The centre also explained that there is no medical need for the tail to be removed as it in no way hinders the pup.