Severely deprived rescue dog devours a bowl of food in just 15 seconds

Severely deprived rescue dog devours a bowl of food in just 15 seconds

It is an unfortunate fact that there are far too many pet owners out there who abuse and neglect the animals in their care. In fact, the numbers of reported incidents of animal cruelty are, unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg as the majority of cases remain unreported.

But a number of animal abuse cases are reported - back in 2007, it came to light that there had been 1,880 animal abuse cases in the US, and dogs were involved in 1,212 of those cases.

Animal abuse can take many different forms, from beating the creature to intentionally withholding food from it. Just like humans, abuse of any kind can - and does - take its toll on canines.

And one severely mistreated cross-breed, known as Sazzle, is a prime example of this.

This is the moment the severely deprived dog devours a bowl of food in just 15 seconds:

Animal charity RSPCA rescued Sazzle from a neglectful couple in Hampshire, England after the one-year-old emaciated pooch was discovered in a "shocking" condition.

In the video, the desperately starving dog - whose ribs can very clearly be seen through his tiny body - demolishes a bowl of food laid before him in a matter of seconds.

The married couple - Jason Bowditch, 43, and Samantha Rees-Bowditch, 44 - had severely underfed Sazzle as well as a Terrier called Leggs. They claim they were told the animals were "too fat" and that they "had to put them on a diet".

Credit: RSPCA / Solent News

Following the RSPCA investigation, inspector Charlotte Coggins said: "This was a frustrating and saddening case where these two dogs were left without the care they so desperately needed."

"Sazzle was in such a shocking condition when we first saw him with every bone showing. It was hard to believe he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Labrador.

"Veterinary examination found no medical reason for the weight loss and they increased in weight simply from being provided with an adequate diet. It would have been obvious to anyone looking at both these dogs that they were desperately thin and in urgent need. 

"Those two own animals have a responsibility to look after them and ensure their needs are met - it's never acceptable to just sit back and watch animals starve."

The couple were given a three-year disqualification from keeping animals and ordered to pay £400 ($520) following the investigation.