Spiders gather giant web together and it's the stuff of nightmares

Spiders gather giant web together and it's the stuff of nightmares

A fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias in the world, and it's easy to see why.

In the 20th century, despite all the myriad benefits that civilisation affords us, the feeling of dread that accompanies seeing a spider still persists for many, and pop culture is replete with disturbing depictions of eight-legged monsters wreaking havoc upon society.

Check out the creepy-crawly video below: 

If you're a brave soul and think otherwise, then just try and watch the above video, which has gone viral on social media this week. The eerie footage shows a gang of creepy octopedes constructing a gigantic web in the middle of a desert.

The skin-crawling clip was reportedly filmed on August 17, 2019, just outside the city of Reno in the state of Nevada in the USA. It shows a group of the species known as orb-weaver spiders living together at Lake Pyramid.

Watch the hilarious moment a group of tourists discover a furry animal is actually a spider: 

The webs of the orb-weaver are among the most impressive constructive feats in the animal kingdom. Using sticky spiral capture silk, the spiders will float their line on the wind until they attach to another surface. The spider will secure a line and then drops another from the centre to make a 'Y' shape, before building the other supporting lines.

Most orb-weavers build a new web every day during the evening, hiding from predators during the day. They will eat the old webbing just before sunset, rest an hour, then spin a new web in the same general location. This ensures that their webs are relatively clean, and remain super-sticky.

Watch the moment a woman discovered a giant spider on her sunroof:

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