The Dracula parrot is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time

The Dracula parrot is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time

For bird-lovers of the world, there's no doubt that a parrot makes a great pet. They're cute, clever, and you can hold a conversation with them.

But, if you're someone who naturally inclines towards more muted hues in your color palettes, such as greys, browns, and blacks, then you'll doubtless be beyond excited to learn about the 'Dracula' parrot: an altogether less bright and colorful bird.

Recently, police were called to this house after a neighbor was disturbed by the screaming pet parrot inside: 

However, there's one species of parrot out there which is absolutely perfect for those of a more gothic persuasion, thanks to it boasting a cool and edgy color scheme that puts many people in mind of a certain vampire count.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about a certain species of bird called Pesquet's parrot - also known as the 'Dracula parrot' - so named because its red and black feathers make it look just like Bela Lugosi's classic nosferatu costume.

According to the book 'Parrots of the World: an Identification Guide', the Dracula Parrot hails from the mountains of New Guinea. The genus is the only member of the avian subfamily Psittrichadinae, and their half-bald heads make them instantly-recognizable to zoologists.

They feed almost entirely on a few species of fig, and their bare heads have been theorized to be an adaptation to help them avoid feather-matting when eating these sticky fruits.

Sadly, due to their rich plumage, Dracula Parrots have been increasingly targeted by poachers, and as a result of this, their population is said to be declining rapidly. A study estimated their population to be between 20,000-49,999. However, hopefully as more and more people become aware of the magnificent birds, more will be done to raise awareness of how to protect them and preserve their population.