The dramatic moment a group of 100 vegan protestors storm a cattle farm

The dramatic moment a group of 100 vegan protestors storm a cattle farm

The ethics of consuming and using animal products is one of the most talked-about subjects of 2019.

An increased number of retailers have changed their options to cater to a plant-based population - such as McDonald's, which launched its first ever vegan McNuggets earlier this year. Now, many vegans have grown increasingly militant in a bid to get their point across.

Footage has emerged of 150 vegans storming a cattle farm in Queensland, Australia: 

The footage was posted to Instagram two days ago by Animal Liberation Photography, which, according to its description, aims to "[capture] Melbourne's ever-growing Animal Liberation Movement."

It was accompanied by the following caption:

"At 12:00 pm today, 100 Animal Liberationists peacefully walked into a Feedlot & Dairy in Millmerran, Queensland.

"A member of the inside team said, 'The truth continues to be censored from the public while the animal harming industry perpetuates the ‘humane myth’. Labels such as 'cage free', 'free range', 'grass fed', 'organic' and 'local' are used to deceive and mislead the public into believing animals are 'humanely raised'

"By taking a strong moral stand, we hope to bring attention to this issue, in turn allowing people to 'meat the victims' of their choice, and see that while different to us, other animals are equal in their ability to feel like us."

In the clip, the vegans can be seen being confronted by the owner of the farm as they approach it. He tells them to, "Get off [my] f***ing country". Needless to say, he is ignored.

One of the protestors eventually responds by saying that he is hurting animals and that they have come to the farm for one reason: "To show the truth of what you're hiding."

Reactions to the protest on social media were mixed.

One Instagram user wrote: "How about you all get proper jobs and stop harassing farmers trying to make their living and wasting everybody's time."

Whereas another remarked: "Animal farmers as well as pet breeders are soulless awful people. Thanks for exposing what they try so hard to hide!"