There's a new grumpy cat who looks angry all the time

There's a new grumpy cat who looks angry all the time

Sadly, internet sensation Grumpy Cat - real name Tardar Sauce - passed away on May 14 from complications due to a urinary tract infection. The famous feline was born with dwarfism and a prominent underbite, which made her appear permanently grumpy.

After rocketing to stardom in a viral YouTube video in 2012, the cantankerous kitty amassed a $100M fortune for her owner, former waitress Tabatha Bundesen.

Of course, we know cats aren't long for this world compared to humans. (And humans aren't long for this world compared to ocean quahogs, which live to 400 years!) We'll always remember Grumpy Cat, and no one can ever take her place in our minds and memes.

But someone's got to carry the torch for the internet's most p***ed-off pet, and some people think they've found a worthy contender.

Meet Louis, a six year-old ginger-and-white Persian cat from Austin, Texas. He's got permanent resting bitch face, but it's not the result of a genetic disorder. It's just the face you get when you deal with a world full of annoying humans.

To paraphrase George Orwell, "At 6, every cat has they face they deserve."

Owner Michelle Alexis runs an Instagram account for Louis and her other cat, Monae, a Lynx Point Siamese.

As of this writing, they have 4,000 followers, which is just a bit less than Grumpy Cat's 2.7 million. But hey, you know how the internet works. A few viral posts, and maybe Louis will take the Grumpy Cat throne. The memes must flow!