This adorable retired guide dog is ticking off his bucket list after being diagnosed with cancer

This adorable retired guide dog is ticking off his bucket list after being diagnosed with cancer

It's easy to empathise with someone who has lost a pet, or whose pet is sick in any way. Dogs are adorable and funny to be around, but they are also loyal and extremely supportive - making it that much harder to let go when they pass away. Even having some warning from a vet doesn't make it easy to get through, but it does offer you an opportunity to make the most of their final weeks or months left.

It was only last week that Isaac the dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, with vets expecting him to only live for a few more weeks. The retired guide dog may not have long left, but his owner is helping him to fulfill some dreams before he departs, creating a bucket list for him to complete.

Briana May, the cousin of Isaac's owner, decided to make a bucket list for Isaac's final days. She and the rest of the family, who live in Brisbane, are helping him to tick off each item on the list - with the list including activities such as playing at the beach, going on a picnic and even getting a massage.

She posted the story on the Cool Dog Group Facebook page, where it has since started spreading across the internet. In her post, she wrote:

"Isaac is the coolest dog I know.

"He helps my cousin navigate her way around everywhere. He is also the best snuggle buddy.

"This gorgeous old boy found out her has a cancerous tumour. He only has weeks left to live so we wrote him a bucket list. Please help Isaac complete it and send pics of your pooches doing the bucket list items too.

"The list may seem silly for some but Isaac is a retired guide dog so there’s quite a few things on the list that he will be doing for the first time in his life.

"Of course he is also getting smothered with cuddles and smooches. Thanks for all the suppawt."

Briana's words moved many - especially those who have gone through a similar thing with their own pets in the past. In addition to this, many wanted to see what happened in the future with Isaac and his planned activities, and I can definitely count myself among that number. "Hope you update us with pictures! I’d love to see how this good boy gets in trouble with the police," one user wrote.

Following her words, other dog owners decided to let their dogs live the high life, posting photos of their own adventures following this bucket list, from birthday parties to taking a quick nap.

Even if he doesn't tick off every item on the list, it's clear that Isaac's story has inspired people all over the world to give their dogs a little treat. Hopefully, Isaac gets the chance to try out every part of the list, and we get to see the photos afterwards.