Tourists stunned to find 'furry sleeping animal' is actually giant nest of spiders

Tourists stunned to find 'furry sleeping animal' is actually giant nest of spiders

I'll admit it; I'm terrified of spiders. To me, there are few things more disturbing than seeing an eight-legged freak of a creature dart across your living room floor while you're watching TV.

In fact, seeing a spider appear when you're least expecting it is absolutely horrifying, just like this woman who encountered a huge huntsman spider as she checked her car passenger sun visor:

But do you know what's worse than seeing one of these scary minibeasts? Seeing HUNDREDS! And that's exactly what happened to a group of friends who were exploring a cave in Alamos, Sonora in Mexico, The Sun has reported.

The video starts with what seems to be a furry creature sleeping in a small crevice, but when one of the group pokes the mysterious mass with a branch, the true frightening nature of what they had uncovered quickly set in.

Check out the video below. Seriously, I'd have jumped off that mountainside:

The video was shared by Twitter user Rada_SC, and was captioned (translated from Spanish): "Sonora ... what appeared to be an animal asleep in a cave turned out to be something more surprising!"

Within milliseconds of the friends disturbing the next, hundreds of tiny spiders start to rush out of the crevice, swarming over the surrounding brick.

The video has since received over 28,000 likes on Twitter, and many of the responses to the video are... as you'd expect:

Credit: Twitter

However, one Twitter user did put our minds at rest about the species of spider, typing: "They are called "macaques" and they are harmless, do not disturb nature no matter how much curiosity or ignorance you may have."

And for one final spider fright, check out this woman, who discovered her headaches had been caused by a spider living in her ear: